Our slogan answers that! Save Time, Save Money, Enjoy Convenience.

Families with small children like the service because it gives them more time to spend together doing other things. Shoppers living in apartments like the fact that they don’t have to carry large orders or heavy items like pet food or cases of water, especially up flights of stairs. Generally, shoppers enjoy ordering groceries from the privacy of their home, any time of day or night, and receiving their order fresh to their door from a friendly driver.

If you have not utilized our online service before, simply register in and create an account. If you already have an account, just sign in and start shopping.

We offer delivery now in Calgary (Downtown, Quadrant of SW,SE & NW)

Order placed before 4 pm of the day will be delivered by 6 pm to 9 pm time frame same day. Order placed after this 4 pm cut off will be delivered by following day (6 pm to 9pm). Delivery time may vary as per the schedule assigned to our delivery person. Calgary customers will get free delivery for total purchase of above $35 before taxes. Below $35 order there will be $7 delivery charge. No deliveries on Sunday.

At your doorstep within agreed time window which you have clicked


Not have to, if you are not home when we deliver, if you had specified as note in your order, we will leave the order in front of your doorsteps.

Your order is selected the day of your delivery and loaded onto our delivery vehicles. Frozen items stay frozen and vegetables are crispy fresh when delivered.

To cancel an order, Please contact us to confirm your order cancellation within two hours of placing an order.

Our system gives you a two hour window to cancel or change your order. After this time, we will try to stop your shipment in our warehouse, if possible. If we are unable to stop the shipment, we will have to charge you the shipping charges to retrieve the packages.